The pope grants private audience to Budrich author Michael Lapsley

Michael Lapsley in Luxembourg

With great joy we received the news that our author Michael Lapsley was granted a private audience with Pope Francis on June 15th. During this conversation, together with a small group of fellow campaigners, he had the opportunity to talk to the Catholic head of the Church about his experiences and his work as a fighter for social justice and peace.

Michael Lapsley is a South African priest and anti-apartheid activist. Since the 1970s, he has vehemently campaigned against apartheid and for the people who had been abused and traumatized during it. Expelled from the country for his commitment, he moved to Lesotho and later to Zimbabwe, where he lost both hands and an eye in a targeted letter bombing in 1990. But even after this attack on his person, Michael Lapsley continued to stand up for the victims of apartheid. In 1998 he founded the Institute for the Healing of Memories (IHOM) in Cape Town, which he still runs today.

Michael Lapsley is an impressive person with an incredibly positive charisma – and we are glad that the German translation of his autobiography has been published by our publishing house.


Michael Lapsley at Budrich:

Father Michael Lapsley BuchcoverMit den Narben der ApartheidVom Kampf für die Freiheit zum Heilen traumatischer Erinnerungen. Translated into German by Hélène Rybol and Dieter Rybol.



© photo: Verlag Barbara Budrich