JSTOR: Our partner’s response to COVID-19

JSTOR - our partner's response to COVID-19

While lockdowns due to the spreading coronavirus continue, all of our partners are trying to keep providing the scientifice community we serve with the content they need. JSTOR, part of ITHAKA, a not-for-profit organziation based in New York, and other locations in the U.S., is among them, too.

Coping with the routine workload, plus organizing around those missing at work, and remote work, from home and other locations, while complying with new rules and regulations to keep everyone in good health – this can be quite a challenge for every organization, and everyone of us.

Since JSTOR provides digitized content to higher education institutions and libraries around the world, remote access is a given. And the continuation of JSTOR’s work is of utmost importance. We are relieved to report that they are keeping up their good work responsibly, and that we can count on them as we have always done. And so can you, as a JSTOR partner.

We keep uploading our pertinent digitized content to JSTOR, so the stream of well-prepared e-content is flowing as undisrupted as possible in times of COVID-19.

Here is how ITHAKA responds to COVID-19.