Learning project in Northern Kenya uses Budrich publication for mobile schools

INES Project 1

The educational project Illeret Nomadic Education System (INES) in Northern Kenya uses the publication “Lernen mit LernleiternUnterrichten mit der MultiGradeMultiLevel-Methodology (MGML)” as part of its mobile schools.

The conventional, settled system of formal education represents a barrier to access to education for pastoralists (nomadic pastoralists) around the world. One such group is the Daasanach in southwestern Ethiopia and northeastern Kenya. To improve access to education for the children of the Daasanach, the Missionary Benedictine Father Florian founded the Illeret Nomadic Education System (INES) in 2014. The aim of the project is to develop, together with the pastoralists, mobile schools adapted to their needs. For this purpose, the system of learning leaders of the MultiGradeMultiLevel-Methodology was applied.


The system of “Ladders of Learning”

INES project 2The special feature of this learning method is that the pupils structure their learning process themselves (“activity-based learning”) with the help of so-called Ladders of Learning of the MultiGradeMultiLevel-Methodology (MGML). The content of a topic is developed with the help of a visualizing logo and color system, which is applied by learners in individual, couple and group activities or with the support of the teacher. Since the teachers are part of the extended family and the school is traveling with them “on the back of the donkey”, the children of the Daasanach can continue their daily tasks such as fetching water, collecting firewood and herding cattle and still attend the mobile school, as MGML enables flexible entry and exit.

In addition to reading, writing and arithmetic, the mobile schools also teach other learning modules of the Kenyan curriculum on topics such as peacekeeping, livestock management, money management and hygiene. Language instruction in Kiswahili and English is also included. Since 2015 the INES team has been working in school development with material development and production, teacher training, leadership and governance as well as monitoring and evaluation of the mobile schools.

INES project 3In January 2018 the first two mobile schools started in Northern Kenya, further schools are planned.

More information about INES can be found on the project website.





Published by Budrich:

Lernen mit Lernleitern CoverRalf Girg, Ulrike Lichtinger, Thomas Müller 2012: Lernen mit LernleiternUnterrichten mit der MultiGradeMultiLevel-Methodology (MGML). Theorie und Praxis der Schulpädagogik, vol. 10.

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