Local Bookstores Have Onlineshops

Online-Shops © Pixabay 2020 Foto: 200degrees

While Amazon is pulling its focus off books, and onto the more vital aspects of its business, there are ways for you to find new reading material.

Yes, in times of the global crisis due to the spread of the coronavirus, there are certainly more important things to distribute than books. Household staples (let us not forget the ensuing global toilet paper crisis!), medicine supplies, etc., are defnitely more “life-and-death” than books. Nevertheless, and as a publisher you must forgive me for adding this, books are important, too. So many people are stuck at home, and I do not want them to watch news channels or stream Netflix all day. Afterall, we all (or most of us, anyway), need healthy brains now and after the pandemic. Therefore, after leaving your homeoffice, why not delve into a good book?

And if the online-giant has deprioritized books, readers can easily turn to their local bookshop’s onlineshop, and place their order. Supporting their local bookseller at the same time. Wins all around.


© Pixabay 2020 / Foto: 200degrees