Verlag Barbara Budrich signs charter of Publishers Circle

Knowledge Transfer Hands

Verlag Barbara Budrich just signed the charter of Publishers Circle, an action group initiated by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). But what is behind the initiative of Publishers Circle and does signing the charter really  make a difference?


The goal of Publishers Circle

The World Intellectual Property Organization is a sub-organization of the United Nations and is actively engaged in protecting the intellectual property right. With Publishers Circle, WIPO started an initiative which aims to support publishers from developing countries. It is not only about efficiency, building up an infrastructure and professionalization, but also about creating a panel for knowledge transfer and global networking. Public and private actors engage in Publishers Circle – but mostly publishers, authors, governments as well as non profit organizations, development and financial institutions – to drive this process of global knowledge transfer forward.

Publishers’ role in spreading knowledge is also (and maybe especially) paramount in developing countries and in doing so they actively contribute to social, economic and cultural development. By signing the charter, Verlag Barbara Budrich supports this process.

Further information and the link to the charter can be found here.


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