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Joining a Select Group

Congratulations on obtaining your doctoral degree. According to the Education at a Glance Report (2019), just more than 1% of 25-64-year-olds in OECD countries hold a PhD. The US still graduates the lion’s share, with Germany, the UK and India closely competing for the next spots.

The World Economic Forum trumpets the collective wisdom that higher education is key to economic growth, and career prospects for people with higher degrees remain superior. The list of their 10 top jobs of the future includes some very unfamiliar job titles such as “Fitness Commitment Counsellor”, “Algorithm Bias Auditor”, “Cyber Calamity Forecaster”, or “Data Detective”. What all these jobs have in common is the innovative use of underlying advanced learning.

Competing in the world of freshly-minted PhDs comes with its initial challenges. One of those is the choice to publish your thesis as a manuscript in toto or dissect it into various academic papers for academic journals. In some countries, publication of your research is a requirement. In Germany, for instance, the doctoral title is only permitted once your research has been published as a book, in an academic journal, or as part of an anthology.


The Verlag Barbara Budrich Approach

Once you have decided upon Verlag Barbara Budrich as your press of choice, you have several options that they will help you explore. They will help you look at career plans, time frames, the nature of research, and your manuscript’s structure.

The choices will then include publishing a book or submitting sub-sections to journals, whether to publish in print or online, whether for sale or in open access, and whether in English or German.

The one striking feature you will learn to appreciate, like many authors before, is that the Budrich editors become your project managers, shepherding your content through the complete process from start to finish, rather than being handed off from department to department. It takes little imagination to see how much administrative frustration this approach will save you, not having to explain and recalibrate your ambitions and ideal outcomes every step. One trusted point of contact is worth its weight in gold.

Furthermore, because time (often) and quality (always) are of the essence, your publishing journey will be mapped and managed with the proprietary process flow tools Budrich developed through years of very hands-on experience. Easy to use, these tools give you a clear idea at any stage of the process of all parties involved and the related deadlines and deliverables – including your obligations.


Your Development

Recognising the importance of clear, logical, and understandable language to an author’s success, Budrich authors gain free membership to the Publishing Insights workshops regularly offered by  Budrich Training. This entity was created solely for the purpose of helping academic authors with the development of writing skills.

On the marketing side, once your manuscript is ready for publication, you will be able to count on a network of well-respected international partners across the world to represent and promote your work. In the modern era where social media plays an essential role in developing and promoting authors’ profiles and publications, you will remain intimately involved and be guided on best practices.


Publishing Your Book

Whether you wish to publish a research monograph, an edited collection, a textbook, or similar publications, either in print or e-book format, Budrich will help you weigh the options. One of the recurring themes challenging new authors is to decide on the merits of Open Access publishing, and if so decided, choosing to go the “gold” or “green” route. If uncertain which way to turn, click here to get in touch with Budrich directly for further information


Publishing in Our Journals

Verlag Barbara Budrich is a respected publisher of influential journals in Gender Studies, Education, Political Science, Public Policy, Social Work and Sociology. All Budrich journals undergo a peer-review process to ensure ongoing quality. Each journal has a global readership and, through participation with Crossref, ensures your scientific research reaches new audiences.

The Editorial Boards of the 20+ Budrich journals decide upon submissions independently, and the team at Budrich will be able to guide you towards the appropriate Editors. You will find submission guidelines carefully explained on each journal’s website. You may also find helpful general information as a prospective author here.

As a perpetual innovator, Verlag Barbara Budrich also invites proposals for new journal development.



There are many pitfalls where young authors may stumble in the haste to get their research published. It cannot be emphasised enough how important the choice of the right publishing partner will be to your future.

Here are a few more important pointers from Verlag Barbara Budrich on what to look for in your publishing house and what small stuff is worth sweating.


As always, our team excitedly awaits your proposal. Contact us today by clicking 👉 here


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