What students want for their library

library © Pixabay 2019 / Pexels

In times of increasing digitalisation, the availability of content on the Internet and dwindling budgets for printed content, the impression is being created that the classical university library could die out. But this is not the case, as the US magazine The Atlantic recently reported.

Author Alia Wong has compiled a number of studies for the article showing that the majority of students use libraries mainly to work in peace and quiet, to use the research tools available there and to work with the physical books on site. For example, a US study conducted in 2015 showed that 92% of students prefer printed books to digital content.

Digitally available content – for example via Open Access – is important and has become an integral part of the social sciences and humanities. As a publishing house, we have therefore been offering the opportunity to publish in Open Access since 2004. Nevertheless, the printed book is fortunately far from extinct and is still desired by the readership – in this case students.


© Pixabay 2019 / image: Pexels